Gender issues, women rights and feminism

Mr ABIYU ASMAMAW NIGATU Viewing a Society through the Life of an Expatriate – Alemtsehay Siyoum and the Condition of Oral History Transmission in Her Descendants 
Ms. AYNALEM MEGERSA GEMECHU Women’s Employment and Empowerment: A Case of Rural Women in Sebeta Hawas Woreda, Central Ethiopia
Dr. MAKI Momoka Women’s Fighter in TPLF- Women’s Agency in the Struggle and Post-Conflict Society 
Ms.&Dr. MULUMEBET ZENEBE & ESHETU GURMU Patterns and Determinants of Women’s Household Decision Making Power in Ethiopia 
Dr. TAGAWA Gen Women's Sexuality in the Patriarchy of the Borana-Oromo 
Mr TAMIRAT GEBREMARIAM Sport History of Ethiopia: A Case Study of Ethiopian Women Athletics 
Mr TEMESGEN GEBEYEHU Women and Right to Land in Amhara Region, Ethiopia
Ms. TIGEST ABYE Tracing feminism through the life story narratives of three Ethiopian women activists