Tradition and modernity in Ethiopian literatures

Ms. AMIRA ABDULKADIR IBRAHIM Tigrinya Manzuma 'Ajami of Sheikh Umar 
Mr ASHENAFI A. ALEMU Contesting the Roles of the Intellectual: Yisma’ike’s Ramatohara in Focus
Prof. BALASHOVA Galina Two stars at the Ethiopian literary sky dome 
Ms. CHAILLOT Christine Teaching of wadla qene today in Wadla (Ethiopia) 
Dr. ENDRIS MOHAMMED YESUFE   'Aǧil faraǧ― Arabic text by šayḫ Ahmed Ibrāhīm (1929-1979) 
Mr HIRUY ABDU A Diachronic Analysis of the Pattern Change of the Metric of Sәllase Qәne from 16th to 20th Century 
Dr. KINDENEH ENDEG MIHRETIE More Like Her Male Counter-Part: Representation of the Virgin Mary in Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Literature 
Dr. SIRGIW GELAW Gender Issues Ge’ez Qene of Immete Gelanesh 
Mr TAMRAT HAILE DEGEFFA Autobiography in Ethiopian History 
Mr TIQUABO GEBRESELASSIE GEBREGIORGHIS Biblical Allusion: a Case to Reflect on Literary Journalism Practice during the Imperial Era in Ethiopia