Land, agriculture, natural environment, urban and rural patterns

Mr AMAHA KIROS GEBREEGZIABHER An Assessment of Road and Urban Stormwater Drainage Integration In Shire-Indasilassie Town, Tigray
Dr. DEGEFA TOLOSSA Climate Risk Management for Enhancing Food Security in Ethiopia
Dr.&Prof. LAKEW WONDIMU & P. NATARAJAN Environmental degradation on the human health and ecology of Koka Lake, Mojo, Ethiopia
Dr.&Prof.&Dr. SHIMIZU Nobuhiro & Riichi MIYAKE & Rumi OKAZAKI A Study on the Urban Formation Process of an Ethiopian Hillside City and its Adjustment to Current Urbanization -Case Study on Enda Meskel and Kebele 14 Area at Mekelle City, Tigray Region 
Mr MULUKEN ELIAS ADAMSEGED The Role of Local Level Institutions for the Small Holder Livelihood Adaptation to Climate Change in Rural Ethiopia
Dr. TADDESSE BERISSO Risks and Opportunities of Land Alienation: A Case Study of Borana-Oromo Pastoral Land in Ethiopia
Dr.  TESFAYE TAFESSE Water Infrastructure and Food Security Linkages in the Nile Basin Regions of Ethiopia