New findings and methods in the field of Ethiopian history

Prof. BJEREN Gunilla Tracing recent history in an urban setting through biographies, the case of Shashemene 
Mr DECHASA ABEBE Wars and Peasants in North Shäwa (1855-1916) 
Mr DESSALEGN BIZUNEH AYELE A Historical Perspective on Qimant-Amhara Interaction in North Gondar, Ethiopia 
Dr. FANTAHUN AYELE The Northwestern Command’s Response to Insurgent Assaults on Dabat, Ethiopia
Dr. HIRUY ABDU Quantifying the Information-richness of Ethiopian Royal Itineraries from 15th to 18th Century using a Combined Spatio-Temporal Measurement Index 
Dr. HUSSEIN JEMMA Politics and Changes in Land Tenure in Southern Ethiopia in Historical Perspective