New and old patterns of everyday life

Ms. ADDISALEM TEBIKEW YALLEW The Dish Watchers: Free-to- air Satellite Television Use and Its Influence on the Media Preference and World Outlook of Ethiopian Viewers 
Mr DEMOZE DEGEFA Social Scientists’ Understanding of Academic Freedom in Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia: A Descriptive Analysis 
Ms. ESKEDAR GIRUM The Role of Traditional Conflict Management Institution Among the Aleltu Oromo Community: The Case of Qalluu Institution 
Mr MARSHET GIRMAY Muslims' Right to Land in Ethiopia: The Exprience from Dabat Woreda, 1941-74
Dr. PANKHURST Alula Transitions from childhood to adulthood in Ethiopia: education, work and marriage 
Ms. SABA TESFAY Growing costs of weddings among the Tigrinya speaking people in Eritrea