Law and judiciary in social context and human rights

Mr ALEMAYEHU HAFTE Customary Law: Murder Conflict Resolution Method in Raya
Dr. AMANUEL GEBRU  “Here today, gone tomorrow”: rape, media and the criminal justice system 
Ms. AUGUSTYNIAK Zuzanna Laws concerning marriage in Ethiopia (from Kingdom of Axum until the fall of Ethiopian Empire) 
Mr ESUBALEW BELAY FANTA Italo-British Impact on Dynamics of Change and Continuity, Traditions and Modernity in the System of Imperial Justice and the Nature of Popular Legal Mentality in the Legal History of Imperial Ethiopia (1935-1965)
Prof. EZEKIEL GEBISSA Indigenizing Universal Principles: Oromo Perspectives on Human Rights 
Mr HALLELUJAH LULIE State Media Relations in the post-Revolutionary Ethiopia (1974-2014) 
Mr HUSSEIN AHMED TURA Indigents' Right to State Funded Legal Aid in Crimianal Cases in Ethiopia
Mr MEGERSA DUGASA FITE The Ethiopia’s Legal Framework on Domestic Violence against Women: a Critical Perspective
Dr. MULUGETA NEGASSA Documentation and Analysis of Ritual Performances of ‘Geda Laws’ among the Karrayyu Oromo
Mr YARED BERHE GEBRELIBANOS Enforcement of Environmental Impact Assessment Law: Assessment of the practice in Selected Woredas of Eastern Tigray