9.01 Aneta Pawłowska

Polish interest in Ethiopia, Ethiopian Studies in Poland and Polish collections of Ethiopian artefacts

The panel invites papers on Polish research in the field of Ethiopian languages, history and culture with special reference to Ethiopian art studies, including art in Polish collections. 

Since the 1940s, when Professor Stefan Strelcyn initiated Ethiopian studies in Poland, a number of Polish researchers, specialists and collectors have been engaged in broadening our knowledge of Ethiopia. Among others, Professor Joanna Mantel-Niecko in the field of history and philology and Professor Stanisław Chojnacki in the field of art history contributed to the development of Ethiopian studies. The interest in Ethiopia among Polish scholars nowadays is still vivid. 

In the panel we would like to discuss the role and achievements of Polish scholars, also in such fields as the restoration and preservation of Ethiopian heritage and studies on Ethiopian art.

In terms of the history of collections of Ethiopian artefacts, the role of Professor Stanisław Chojnacki in the organization of the exhibition of Ethiopian Antiquity in 1955 for the 25th Jubilee of Haile Sillasie in Gonder is of great importance. The Wacław Korabiewicz collection of Ethiopian crosses preserved in the Polish National Museum in Warsaw and in the State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, as well as the manuscript collection of the Warsaw University Library, are other examples of Polish interest in Ethiopian culture.


Dr. AHMED OMER HASSEN Talents of Stanisław Chojnacki on the Scene of Ethiopian Studies: A Brief Remark
Mr HAILE MULUKEN The failed Ethio-Polish cooperation to prosecute Italian fascist war crime suspects: the UNWCC between abstract justice and political exigency, 1943-1949
Dr. Marcin KRAWCZUK  From Gunda Gunde to Warsaw : on some reproductions of Ethiopic manuscripts held in the Library of the Department of African Languages and Cultures, Warsaw University 
Ms. Zofia RUDUCHA The papers of Prof. Stefan Strelcyn from the Warsaw University Library
Dr. Piotr RYPSON  Polish public opinion on Italo-Abyssinian War (1935-1936)
Mr Mikołaj SZCZEPKOWSKI  The paintings of Worku Goshu in the context of Ethiopian modernisation
Dr. Ewa WOŁK-SORE  Digitalization of the content of the 24 tapes recorded in Ethiopia by Polish researchers in 1950s and 60s – found in the archieves of the Chair of African Languages and Cultures at the University of Warsaw
Ms.  Kinga TURKOWSKA The Fall of the Lion of Judah. Ethiopian Revolution in the Polish Press in 1974
Mr  Tomasz SOWA Travellers, Scienitists and Collectors. Polish Contributions to Ethiopian Studies in the 20th and 21st Centuries