5.07 Zelalem Teferra

Labor migrations


Large numbers of Ethiopian men and women have been migrating to the Middle East since the late 1980s, particularly to Saudi Arabia. One of the largest international migration flows from Ethiopia are women migrating to the Middle East for domestic work. In 2012, according to Ethiopia’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, around 200,000 women left the country in search of jobs. Due to lack of access to information on legal channels of migration and work, most women migrant workers are vulnerable to unscrupulous recruiters and traffickers. In November 2013, due to reports of widespread abuse and following the crackdown of the Saudi government on irregular immigrants in the course of which around 163, 000 Ethiopian migrant workers were deported, the Ethiopian government announced a temporary ban on domestic workers from going to the Middle East. The licenses of private employment agencies sending workers abroad have also been temporarily suspended. Despite these majors, we still witness the need and quest for cross-boundary migration, not to mention the rapidly expanding rural-to-urban migration as well as rural-rural migration. All these call for scholarly investigation of the causes and consequences of accelerated migration, which among others include migration unaccompanied minors to distant lands.
This panel, therefore, seeks to bring together scholar working both on domestic (internal) and international labor migration from Ethiopia with a view to enhance fruitful discussions, information sharing and research collaborations.


Dr&Mr&Mr&Mr ABEBAW MINAYE & KASSAHUN HABTAMU & ABRHAM SEYOUM & ABERA DEGEFA Managing the legal, economic and health dimension of migration in Ethiopia 
Ms. DOM Catherine Labour migration in 20 rural communities – Evolution over 20 years and select implications
Dr FERNANDEZ Bina Changing lives: the impact of Ethiopian women domestic worker’s migration on family and community dynamics 
Dr REGT Marina de Adolescent girl migrants in Addis Ababa: Life choices, aspirations and experiences 
Mr STEBLIN-KAMENSKIY Nikolay Local discourse on migration in Wollo, Ethiopia 
Mr TEFEREE MAKONNEN KASSA Rural Youth Outmigration and its Impacts on Migrant-sending Households in Gojjam and Wolayta, Ethiopia
Mr TEKALIGN AYALEW  Ethiopian ‘Irregular’ Labor Migration to Sudan: Patterns and Processes
Dr TSEGAY BERHE GEBRELIBANOS The Political Economy of Seasonal Salt Labour Migration in indigenous Salt Production System in Northern Afar Salt mines (North Eastern Ethiopia) in the 20th Century
Mr ZELALEM TEFERRA Labor Migration, Forced return and Returnee reintegration: the Experience of Ethiopia