5.05 Frauke Eckl; Rirhandu Mageza-Barthel; Sophia Thubauville

Ethiopias Asian options

One of the hottest subjects of academic debates centers on the topic of Africas Asian relations. Among the questions within this debate, is which direction and which benefits African countries and societies derive from engaging their Asian counterparts. Without a doubt, Ethiopias relations to its Asian partners poses a particularly fruitful case for analysis, precisely because it sets itself apart from its African neighbors. Not least because it is the only African country never to have been colonized, because of its exceptional economic growth rates and because it hosts the continents capital. These attributes give rise to a unique platform on which Ethiopias Asian relations are built.

Ethiopias economic relations with its Asian partners constitute the most evident examples of possible options for the country (and the continent implicitly). And yet they are accompanied by further interactions in cultural, political and social fields. Therefore, we invite scholars to discuss the increasing complexity of Ethiopias relations with Asian countries in such areas as civil society interaction, higher education exchange, development politics and migration movements. Analyses should not merely focus on current and emerging contacts but also how these relate to already existing ones. Papers providing methodological, theoretical and/or empirical insights are equally welcome.


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