4.01 Luisa Sernicola

Genesis and development of the Aksumite kingdom: archaeological and historical analysis

Decades of archaeological, environmental, philological, historical and ethnographic investigations in and about the regions of the Northern Horn of Africa provided a large amount of data on the origin and development of the Aksumite kingdom (late 1st millennium BC late 1st millennium AD), which, for many aspects, parallels the emergence, expansion and decline of its eponymous capital city. Although much has been written on this topic over the years, a general and truly interdisciplinary reconstruction of the natural and cultural dynamics that characterized (and influenced) this process, based on the combination of different types of data, is still much needed. The panel welcomes papers providing an overview on the genesis and development of the Aksumite kingdom from different perspectives ranging from geoarchaeology and archaeology to epigraphy, numismatic and philology. Discussed topics include: paleoenvironment, economy (internal and external trade dynamics but also subsistence economy and evolution in technology), society, religion and ideology, demography and urban development. Linking together the information generated by the different approaches and disciplines is the purpose of the discussion.


Dr.  BRITA Antonella Re-contextualizing Christianity in the Aksumite kingdom: holy places, righteous men and sacred parchments 
Prof. FATTOVICH Rodolfo From Community to State: A Preliminary Archaeological Analysis of the Aksumite Polity, c. 400 BCE – 800 CE 



D'ANDREA Andrea, FERRANDINO Gilda GRANIGLIA Martina, PALOMBA Antonella, SERNICOLA Luisa & ZOLLO Giuseppe Aksum before Aksum. Modelling pre- and Proto-Aksumite settlement dynamics through an Agent Based Simulation
Mr KRIBUS Bar The Creation of an African Sheba? The Impact of Pre-Christian Cult and Culture on Aksumite Christianity 
Dr. MANZO Andrea Aksum and the External World. A Tentative Agenda
Mr SAMUEL KIDANE HAILE Kari Gata: A Traditional Aksumite Mayorship Office 
Dr.  SERNICOLA Luisa Land tenure, land exploitation and land management during the Aksumite kingdom: a survey of archaeological, historical and ethnographic evidence
 Dr. TERWILLIGER Valery J. How Strongly Did Palaeoenvironmental Changes Influence the Rise and Decline of D’MT and Aksum in Northern Ethiopia? 
 Dr. ZAZZARO Chiara Beginning and decline of the maritime trade in the Northern Horn of Africa: a view from Adulis