3.01 Anbessa Teferra; Azeb Amha; Baye Yimam; Binyam Sisay; Hirut Woldemariam

Spatial expressions in Ethiopian languages

Spatial expressions primarily denote how objects relate to each other physically in space by specifying relations such as inclusion, contact or contiguity. Various parts of speech are used for denoting spatial expressions: prepositions (e.g. equivalents of at, onin English), nouns (back, front, rear), verbs (place, lay), adjectives (close, distant), or deictic pronouns (here, there). The discussion points may include:  What kinds of topographic relationships expressed in the languages? What distinctive prepositional constructions are used for this purpose? Are spatial expressions used to express non-spatial meanings, e.g. are there temporal meanings derived from locative expression? What metaphors underlie such usage? for example, in English in connection to pricesone speaks of it going up / down; what parallels can be observed in various Ethiopian languages? The panel will also be interesting to discuss diachronic/historical issues, e.g. case marking that originates from spatial terms. The panel fits the theme of the conference and it will bring scholars working on different language families together.

Mr ABEBE TILAHUN Spatial expressions in Gede’uffa 
Mr ABINET SIME Spatial relations and body part terms in Oromo 
Dr. ANBESSA TEFERRA Spatial Expressions in Sidaama
Dr. AZEB AMHA Spatial Expressions in Wolaitta 
Prof. BAYE YIMAM Deictics in Amharic 
Dr. & Mr BINYAM SISAY & SAMUEL ZINABU Deixis in Koorete 
Mr GIRMA MENGISTU DESTA Spatial Expressions in Sezo 
Prof. HIRUT WOLDEMARIAM Deictics in Haro 
Prof. MOGES YIGEZU Deictics in Hamar 
Dr. MULUGETA SEYOUM Notes on Spitial expression in Dime 
Dr. ONGAYE ODA ORKAYDO Spatial expressions in Konso 
Dr. WETTER Andreas The expression of spatial and temporal concepts in Shonke-Argobba