2.03 Andreas Wetter; Kemal Abdulwehab

Interdisciplinary approaches to Islamic songs (Mänzuma) of Ethiopia

The musical poetry and song Mänzuma is an intrinsic feature of Islamic living in Ethiopia. It is in the same time religious performance as well as artistic expression. Originating in the Amharic speaking areas of Muslim Wällo, Mänzuma spread all over Ethiopia. And while it is still practiced as traditional religious and artistic performances in the local contexts of Wällo, Mänzuma became also an art that is commercially produced and distributed on cassettes, CDs and videos. In spite of its cultural and artistic importance and social pertinence, Mänzuma still remains one of the least studied and documented arts of Ethiopia. The panel "Interdisciplinary approaches to Islamic songs (Mänzuma) of Ethiopia" has the aim to change this situation and act as a kickoff for research on the different aspects of Mänzuma. It is therefore intended as a multidisciplinary panel which is open to any contribution that investigates social, cultural, esthetic or any other aspects of Mänzuma. Papers may therefore come from musicology, anthropology, Islamic studies, history, linguistics and philology, performance studies and others. Contributions which focus documentation and its technical, ethical and legal aspects are also welcome, since preservation and documentation of Mänzuma and its performance is crucial for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage.


Mr ASSEFA MAMMO Exploring a Heroic Epic in Ethiopia. An Evidence of a Heroic Culture in the Country
Mr KAMIL ABDU OUMER ‘Menzuma’ as a means to anti-fascist struggle in Ethiopia: the case of Sheikh Chale anti-fascist ‘Tewesulat’ ‘Menzuma’ 
Mr KEMAL ABDULWEHAB Basic Features of Mänzuma, Islamic Panegeric of Ethiopia
Ms. SEMIRA MOHAMMED Mash’s life style and their Menzuma in Aman Amba Mosque, Khemise 
Dr. TIMKEHET TEFFERA MEKONNEN The Mänzuma Genre in the Ethiopian Islamic Traditions: Performance Styles and Melodic and Metro-Rhythmic Arrangements 
Dr. WETTER Andreas Preliminary overview of Islamic poetic traditions in Southeastern Wällo