1.03 Alessandro Bausi; Antonella Brita; Denis Nosnitsin 

Literary genres and text carriers in Ethiopian manuscript culture: typologies and correlations

It is a well-known fact that in various literary traditions there is a strict correlation between the material appearance of the text-carriers and the matter they contain. The correlation can vary according to various periods and places, but can still maintain coherence throughout time and space. This correlation, if demonstrated, is highly revealing of deep features that characterize a literary and manuscript culture. The panel intends to approach the topics of correlation between manuscripts and genre in the Ethiopian manuscript culture, with a special focus, in particular, on the so-called "magico-religious" literature, and on other characteristic genres of the Ethiopian literary tradition, such as, for example, the hagiographical and the historiographical one.


Dr. FRANTSOUZOFF Serge A. Traces of Arab geographical literature in Ethiopic manuscript tradition (re-edition of d'Abbadie 20, fol. 1-2) 
Mr GIDENA MESFIN KEBEDE The gäbir as a Typological tool for Ethiopian “Magico-religious” Texts
Ms. GUSAROVA Ekaterina An Ethiopian Säwasəw compiled for Peter VII, Patriarch of Alexandria 
Ms. SOKOLINSKI Eugenia Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies: An Introduction 
Mr SOLOMON GEBREYES BEYENE ‘The Textual Tradition of the Royal Chronicles (16th-19th c.); Compilation, Commissioners and Scribes’ 
Ms. VALIEVA Nafisa Work in progress on a new edition of ‘Gädlä Lalibäla’