1.01 Timothy B. Sailors

Early Christian literature preserved in classical Ethiopic (Ge'ez)

One of the more important sources for the study of early Christian literature are the versions of these writings preserved in Classical Ethiopic (Ge'ez). This panel will provide the opportunity to focus upon the all too often under-appreciated Ge'ez versions of these works of literature originally composed in the first several Christian centuries. These include books that would come to be part of the Christian Bible, writings categorized among the so-called Apostolic Fathers’ or Apologists’ or Church Fathers’ and so-called early Christian Apocrypha, consisting, for example, of apocalypses, acts of apostles and testaments. Moreover, many of the ancient church orders from this era are importantly preserved in Ge'ez versions, as are other writings of a monastic, didactic or legendary nature.

Some writings from this period are preserved exclusively in Ge'ez, while others are also extant – at least in part – in Greek or in other ancient translations or versions, and papers offered for this panel may examine the relation of the Ge'ez to these other witnesses. Proposals are welcome too for contributions that investigate the historical, religious and cultural settings in which the Ge'ez versions of this literature were produced, transmitted and preserved. Papers may also give attention to the material evidence for these processes by examining codicological or palaeographical aspects of the manuscripts that contain this literature, or by considering extracts from these works in florilegia in Ge'ez. Of interest too might be the immediate literary context within the manuscript tradition, i.e., with which other writings is a work transmitted or combined? Panelists may also ask whether the content of the Ge'ez version itself presents any specific or unique philological, literary, historical, or theological features to which ones attention should be drawn.


Dr. AMSALU TEFERRA Mary’s Manifestations as Depicted in Ar’aya Maryam 
Mr BARCZOK Ralph The Eschatology of the Epistula Apostolorum 
Prof. BAUSI Alessandro Towards a re-edition of the Ethiopic dossier of the ‘Apocalypse of Peter’ 
Prof. BYRON Gay L. An Ethiopic Version of the Acts of Paul 
Dr. HANNAH Darrell
The Language from Which the Epistula Apostolorum Was Translated into Ge'ez
Mr KARLSSON Jonas The Ethiopian Life of John of Dailam: an investigation of its origins 
Prof. KLEINER Michael The Alexander Romance in Giˁiz and in some recently discovered Arabic manuscripts: A discussion of their textual relationship 
Mr MEHARI ZEMELAK WORKU Tracing the Didache in Ethiopic anaphora 
Prof. RETSÖ Jan The Ethiopian version of the commentary to the Song of songs by Philo of Carpasia: new MS evidence 
Dr. SAILORS Timothy B. Early Christian Literature Preserved in Classical Ethiopic (Ge'ez): The Status quæstionis
Mr VILLA Massimo Ongoing research into the Ethiopic Physiologus 
Prof. ZARZECZNY Rafał Not only the Life of St. Anthony: An interesting case of monastic hagiography translated directly (?) from Greek 

Subpanel "Texts in the Narrower and Broader Canons of the Ethiopic Old and New Testaments and Their Nachleben" (jointly with panel 1.02)

Dr. AFEWORK HAILU BEYENE Sabbath Observance in Ethiopic Didascalia and Sinodos and its Ecclesiastical and Theological Influence in the 13th – 16th c. 
Mr MEHARI ZEMALEK WORKU Enochian motifs in Ethiopian narratives of the Afterlife
Prof. RUITEN Jacques van The Use and Interpretation of the Book of Jubilees in the Măṣḥăfă Bĕrhan and the Măṣḥăfă Milad